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The future of thousands of local jobs and millions of critical tax dollars from Cherry Point industries is at risk, along with the future of our community.

You probably haven't heard, but new rules are being quietly rushed through the County Council that would prevent refineries operating in Cherry Point from making key operational upgrades. These upgrades are needed to adapt to dramatic shifts in U.S. and global market conditions.

The rush to add additional regulations could have serious economic impacts not just for citizens directly employed by Cherry Point, but throughout our entire county.

The Whatcom Coalition for Economic Growth shares a commitment to developing alternative energy solutions – we believe that there's no better place for the benefits of energy innovation than here in Whatcom county. But these new regulations simply go too far — if passed, it would set us back and may even prevent us from growing our renewable energy business.

That's why we need sensible and balanced solutions – Whatcom citizens deserve better. Learn more. Your voice counts.

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AGC Member Update on Cherry Point

County’s future dependent on Cherry Point amendmentsThere has continued to be significant ongoing activity related to Cherry Point Amendments process. We will reenter the final public phase of the amendments process very soon. It is more important than ever that AGC members reengage when the public process resumes. Since the last public hearing in November 2020, Cherry […]

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