Do You Know About The Proposed Changes For Cherry Point?

Whatcom County is Our Home

But the proposed regulations by the Whatcom County Council — written into the “Comprehensive Land Use Plan and County Code” — will damage our economy for decades to come.

A project of the Whatcom Business Alliance, our coalition believes that the Whatcom County Council should NOT proceed with these new regulations. It is our mission to educate them, and our entire community about the serious consequences – these regulations are putting livelihoods at risk and impacting hundreds of thousands of tax dollars used for schools, roads, and public safety.

As the County Council debates these proposed regulations, they should take a sensible and measured approach. And that means listening and learning from a broad array of stakeholders to understand the unintended consequences of these new regulations.

Take a look at the facts behind these regulations. See what the new regulations will mean for Whatcom County.