AGC Member Update on Cherry Point

County’s future dependent on Cherry Point amendments
There has continued to be significant ongoing activity related to Cherry Point Amendments process. We will reenter the final public phase of the amendments process very soon. It is more important than ever that AGC members reengage when the public process resumes.

Since the last public hearing in November 2020, Cherry Point stakeholders have continued to meet twice a week to negotiate compromises that all parties can live with. The stakeholder’s group is a diverse group made up of business, labor and environmental groups. They are at a very technical stage of those discussions and working through some the most challenging aspects of the proposed amendments — predominately now focused on greenhouse gases and insurance liability coverage.

The refineries at Cherry Point are very complex and highly technical operations. The stakeholder’s group has continued to clarify to the County Council many of the consequences of the amendments as originally proposed. The group regularly updates the County Council on its progress while working with Whatcom County Planning and Development Services to work through staff questions about what is being proposed. AGC has remained in contact with all involved tracking the progress of the Cherry Point discussions. Read more…

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