ICYMI: Whatcom County may restart Cherry Point regulatory work

This week, The Lens published an article featuring two prominent members of the Coalition and industry leaders in Whatcom discussing the potential reregulation of the Cherry Point industrial area by the Whatcom County Council. Notably the piece explains that councilmembers could ignore recent Planning Commission recommendations to the proposed changes, a move that could prove disastrous for this area’s economy.

Mills Electric President and CEO John Huntley was clear about the potential impact these proposed changes could have:

“Industries and refineries – they can pack up and leave. If that happens, Whatcom will be a disaster.”

Laborers Local 292 Political Director, Trevor Smith, had this to say during the Council’s September 29 meeting:

“I’m frustrated by how the council seems to be pushing back on the hard-fought compromises that were crafted during the commission process. It’s not perfect and probably won’t ever be, but compromises were found. Industry, labor, environment – everybody came together, worked on this language, and created something…everybody is willing to work with.”

The article highlights the very real impact of the County Council’s actions and the effects that excessive regulation can have on a region’s economy. If you missed it, you can find the article here.